Eric Ko

2022 Lantern room with stairset and sky, Lucidity, or reflections on a vanishing mudflat

2021 Double portrait with moon and venus, Impression of a windowed room with plants, Dreamhouse

2020 The moment we had silently felt the center of each other

2019 Drainageway, Cavitation, Divining

2018 Landscape Panels, Annul, Clearing, Prist

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Sometimes I make short videos and also sound/music for them.

They are based on what is relevant to me at the time - a moment, an atmosphere, a thought, an emotional experience, a specific passage of time, a setting, some other intangibility, a relationship to or between all of these things, etc.

I hope to give them a persistent form that retains what I originally found beautiful or compelling while at the same time allowing new connections and meanings to emerge for both myself and others.

- Eric, 5/2/2021