eric cairn stones permanently facetiming each other after extinction
eric i google search stone balancing
i have deja vu about googling stone balancing
for some kind of metaphor for something else
let's see
stone balancing is an art, discipline, or hobby
an art, or discipline, or hobby, one, two, three
why do people stack stones in the wild?
stone stacking destroys the environment for likes
how stone stacking wreaks havoc on national parks
why you shouldn't stack rocks in the wild
why rock stacking needs to stop
the yoga of balancing stones - wanderlust
so i think we need
stone stacking simulator, proof of stack
each virtualized rockstack is autonomously realized
through clandestine, remotely piloted robostackers
(autonomous and remote pilots are same)
deployed across every national park in existence
the robostackers are powered by relevant techno-finance
energy capsules that contain the raw energy output of
razing the entire earth
you can take your picture with the stack on a later date
this imposes a multi-step chronological process
forcing stone stackers to build patience and inner peace
through delayed sm usage
eric refusing to describe something and being able to vs being unable to and attempting vs refusing and being unable
eric nothing can weigh anything because everything will always have to vacate and will need to be lifted out eventually, everything has a dessicated and insubstantial feeling, density and spatial occupation becomes marker for being able to exist without this caveat
eric trying to make compositions with shapes and things in an awkwardly angled and enclosed box with limited room for my hands and it seems like an appropriate process, there is electricity constantly being expended and someone or something generating it, I am expending it blindly to see the things I want, so what makes me so different from everything I am alienated from anyway
eric hamster instagram account keeps messaging the hamster instagram account "hi" but it's 2am
eric the sound of cars splashing by in the rainwater and birdsong as I attempt to rethink my entire existence
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