eric a barge empties into a quiet polar melt
a wagon drags its horse
xodyyyyyyyy 01/11/17
i miss u
it was all my fault
i never shouldn't have let you go
i don't know if you're still thinking of me
i do
and i'll always will
love you

ramen gaming gamer
eric brief glimpses of a human between the billowing of a festering capital's veil
jb slipped on a wish
slammed into your fist
head above water
hands between yr knees
I’m fine don’t lie
we talk don’t talk
years away + seasons apart
new build
locked out
you’re gone
jb the sun burns behind a cotton ball wall
it slides further down the sky
behind full trees and prismatic apartment buildings
I came here because I always do
trying to stick with my routine but take away the elements that
have made me really sad
put a fresh scar on my face and have me hiding further inside
this song is called summer blues
it found it’s way to my ears on its own
this place is the same every day
I came to be different today
jb hang in there they said, 4 days later
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