jb deteriorating in real time
jb took a nap because the clouds came back
not physically but across my mind
I really fucked up this time
ate two poptarts and felt sick
walked out to get a drink
everyone plus one is out
at picnic tables
under an awning
in the sun
fixing cars with the hydrant on
listened to the same space needle song 4 times
makes me think of myself
myself at 15 myself at 22
here I am now still being less than that
everyone walks on by
facetiming behind shades
passing through and away
grocery bags beach chairs holding hands
lead by exhausted dogs
6 packs and cases
these two drinks are for me and no I don’t need a tray
the sun punishes me
the drinks taste like gas but slide down like purified water from a crystalline planet
what did you do this summer
how about this for a life
I’m here every day
one way or another
looking around for someone who won’t show up
so I light another one and wait
until I feel sick all over again
jb just a sentimental slug
🐦 crack the moon shadow, store it in ur bellybutton, eat it tomorrow morning like a bowl of dry cereal.
jb making mistakes
eric rearranging dust motes for money and feeling bad about it
eric in too many places that belong to me, what is belonging if I never see them again
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