jb in too many pieces and none belong to me
🌳 ❀️
jb I read once before that we can’t dream of someone we’ve never seen or met. our brains are incapable of manifesting a new face, despite some of the other unspeakable, nonsensical images and scenarios it is capable of in that state. I’ve gotten accustomed to routine visits by my exes in the Dream State. they’re often cold, ignorant of my presence or we’re surprisingly cordial. their presence always submerges me in sadness and lingers long after I wake up. I know this all represents my inability to obtain closure and is triggered by my occasional dalliances in online lurking or revisiting old photos and emails. last week I was besieged by back to back visits before one night they were replaced by someone new, someone I didn’t know or recognize and was completely enchanted with. we followed each other around from place to place the way you do when you meet someone new and want to be around them constantly. sitting near each other and finding ways to nudge closer and closer until you’re the only ones left in a 1000 mile radius. it was nice to wake up for once with a different kind of sadness. regret was replaced with a wistful longing and hopefulness bled onto the canvas. I don’t know who this person is that I dreamt of but I hope I meet them one day.
πŸ’š πŸ‡
jb seizing the moment and sealing the tomb
goodbye at this moment is lost forever on you
eric I will gently recede from what is not the world
from what has presented to be true
and if you were to look back
from a fiction of joy
suspended like a resounding chord
falling forever from the sky
the powdered imprint of a moth
πŸŒ™ sitting on a soaked couch on top of a garbage heap, waiting and not waiting for the cloud lands on me and you. θ½¦ζ΅η©Ώζ’­ηš„ε“δΊΊοΌŒζˆ‘ζ‚„ζ‚„η΄§ζ‰£οΌŒε’Œζ‚„ζ‚„ηͺƒε–œγ€‚ζ²‘ζœ‰δ½ ε‘³ι“ηš„ι£ŽεΉδΈεˆ°ζˆ‘γ€‚εŒ…ε›΄ζˆ‘οΌŒε€ε€©ηš„ι£žθ™«γ€‚
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