eric barrier of living
within which i spend my time
without which i remember in everything i do
for example i would be cutting potatoes
or looking at a specific color
it makes it easier to say i am removed
because it is not untrue, just facilitated
but culture is not something that swells
on what is done or will be done alone
still i only carry what has been given to me
i present them as i present myself
i have thought these thoughts, i have thought about
how i have thought these thoughts
how uncomfortable to invest energy
in non-basic human experiences
how uncomfortable the dissatisfaction
when experiencing them
eating berries along some path
breathing air i found alone
the sound of bugs around this time
the unplaceable smell of roadkill
a cascade of indifference
blissful unthinking without commentary
shuffling and reshuffling the same
hand in my hands
every day a dream
receding into meaninglessness

today i woke up late with the usual fogginess, i vacuumed and cleaned a little, the thing stuck in my eye is still bothering me
jb should’ve left my head in the clouds where it belongs
eric ❤️
💚 😢
jb a mile long thread glistening in the sun I give it a tug and you’re gone
jb hi how long will this hold be on my heart
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