jb finding grace and beauty in everyone around me
jb because there is
eric because there is
eric becauset is no meaning
in wanting to feel nothing
for an extremely long portion
of a short amount of time
eric in partiality, like a stuttering
there is me, it is distantly humorous,
abstracted by several layers
confounding mostly
it must be close to something
to a stumble of an attempt
one is made, it is earnest
it is not meaning anything
because there is no meaning
in not wanting to feel anything
for a little bit of a long time
eric often speaking of things only known to me without finding someone I can pay feels like pre-emptive misunderstanding, feeling not fully known yet not fully unknown, inside of a shapeshifting thing that hides different parts of a wreckage. there is the fact that it doesn't shapeshift but instead simply rotates on an axis inaccessible, it is crushing, it is crushing me, it is larger than the sky, it is there no matter where I look, where I don't look
jb smooth and settle
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