eric lets do that soon
jb had a dream eric and lined up our bikes at the edge of steep desert mountain. we both had on masks and the sun was pouring out its last flares of the day on our backs. we counted down and barreled down the slope in dust and dirt. everything rattled and blurred and suddenly ended as if my brain or nature forgot to finish it. we were suspended for a minute before slowly floating away into an incomplete void. the sunset the tailed us reflected off the nothingness in front of us. that’s all I remember.
333 Enduring pain to feel the absence of pain
eric looping without loss, a room firmly planted just above everything with wind below, you are the hallway
jb If I’ve loved you for a minute I’ll love you forever - a Scorpio truism
jb dream two
jb how hollow miss you 2s land and rattle away
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