eric notepad_pg34.txt - 11/03/2019  excerpts
the ghost image of the past is that of a vapor trail in the sky that continues to persist with the setting of the sun

i can only imagine its eventual dissipation

the initial sound was thunderous but there is only silence to accompany the suspended cadaver
eric notepad_pg35.txt - 11/03/2019
failure is not an event, but several processes occurring all at once
all at once over a period of time
a period of time that stretches onward into the indefinite future
until it doesn't anymore
eric forced to spend time in a mirage
so much life as a dead thing
jb headlights I’m looking at my phone again
jb wait waited I’ve been weighted
jb smoke breaks off into two a quarter to 4 imaginary embrace above a litany of a history of a catalogue of fuck it I forgot to lock the door
jb night vision new phone dark mode light fixture end zone silent issue no home
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