eric i live in a hole in the world, it is multilayered, there's a surface that i cannot reach, its existence is enough to calm me, there are multiple mini-internets, i only exist on one mini-internet, i keep an unassuming photoblog about general interests, bike rides, flowers, etc. of things that used to exist, an unaesthetic image collection of things for example a 3/4ths view of the entrance to the building that houses the museum of obsolete anxieties and other hobbies owned by the company that manufactures anxieties and hobbies, a photo of a glass of beer at a bar with a friend, the architectural engineering of a normal bridge i walk across to get to the other side of my hole in the world, various consumer electronics, clothing, and auto parts photographed in a way that looks like ebay but i'm not selling them
saltflaat casual indifference splintered by light
where were you when the sun died?
eric attempt to resolder a broken flex cable
jb too much to myself and not enough to anyone else
eric there's nothing I want to be more than lately.
jb I’ll tell you one day if you don’t already know
I love you all the same
🐠 We are looking for ducks in the city at night
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