eric loosely planted on this earth dabbling in those things for the more firmly rooted
eric everything posits towards okayness, there is a stain over my feeling ability, a distant jaunty and musicbox like song plays, it occasionally dips into being terrifying
🐠 一个人在家的时候看鱼,石头坚硬,水草松软。花朵发射光彩,星星则在别处降落。美丽!2+5=7
jb crouched in ruins
eric nocomply360
eric I don't remember when my head
was not a cold cloud storage
disconnecting with its ancient air
dampness and particulate
and I don't remember when the acid rain
did not fall back onto me
rusting away into such tortured poses
the last version of you
jb just me and my 1 patch of sun
I bask in it while it moves along
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2 - 1 =