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october 17, 2019

progress of celestial gravity pulling at my body of water

august 4, 2019

if these wavelengths make their way to another in a solitary moving way,it's good reason to continue

july 16, 2019

it's easy to think that not talking is somehow better, partly because of how quickly thoughts can grow, but also from internalizing over time that the only acceptable context for exposé is by way of some officiated / sanctioned / exclusive thing like an interview or q&a...not a great precedent if you actively work outside of institution or commercial industry, which have usually yielded both openly and quietly towards value systems and ideals i'm in conflict with.

i have difficulty talking about my work because i believe in its ability to communicate what i want for myself, and i want to believe that it is also capable of doing that for a new viewer - to become what they want for themselves. text has always felt like a surgical operation that left no room for error, accidental, interpretational, discovery. i write accompanying short poems which have felt more honest than explanation, especially as my videos age.

additional writing can become an optional and additional context that i make for my intentions and it may go a long way for allowing room for people to connect or relate emotionally in an endless collapse of passive and volatile archeology...

yet nothing needs to function as ultimatum. things can be ever-changing, the elasticity and space needed to do so is everywhere. there is no default and i can work towards a personal alternative against institution or physicality. i think a body work and all its orbital interactions become contextualized through the payment for entry.

i like to think of my videos as noncommodity... unrepresented, inhabiting no space, non-displacing, making with the available room and resources, during the after-hours of a full-time job. i parse all this in context to other art practices and realized not a lot matters. if it's not an algorithm sculpting the format and aesthetic of your work it's the arbitrarily dictated guidelines and individual tastes of a curatorial or jury, which can often perpetuate a specific socioeconomic model for the arts in concurrence with... the academic space that cancels itself with capital - and more importantly a specificity of who the audience is meant to be.

may 10, 2019

navigating past and present clarity, ambiguity, towards a connection to another, withdrawal from connection to another

march 30, 2019

the shining rigid structure caved into its own assembled wreckage underneath and let light spill into the channel

december 26, 2018

thinking of a catscan of radiant warmth hidden in a corner quietly disappearing and reappearing